Security Forum 2024
May 22 - May 23, 2024
SF 2024


The Security Forum is the annual IT-Security Conference in Hagenberg that addresses current issues in this domain. Traditionally it takes place over the course of two days in spring. The visitors are offered technical as well as management-oriented talks by representatives of business, research and public service. Refreshments and catering on both days are provided and the host organizes a reception on the evening of the forum.

The first Security Forum in 2003 proved to be a great success for our sponsors, our partners and the Hagenberger Kreis and the amount of positive feedback led us to host the symposium annually. For years now the Security Forum has distinguished itself through the presence of renowned lecturers, domestic as well as from abroad. Among many others, we are proud to have welcomed Prof. Louis Marinos (ENISA), Prof. Reinhard Posch (CIO of the Federal Government of Austria), Prof. Edward Humphreys (“father” of the ISO/IEC 27000 family), Prof. Vincent Rijmen (co-inventor of the AES encryption algorithm), Sharon Conheady (First Defense Information Security), Shimon Gruper (Aladdin) and Oberst dG Walter Unger (BMLV Abwehramt) among many others.

What the 300 annual attendees from all over Austria, Germany and Switzerland appreciate about the Security Forum is the high quality of the talks as well as the professional atmosphere of the event.

General Information

The Security Forum will take place from May 22 – May 23, 2024.

May 22, 2024May 23, 2024
Zur AgendaZur Agenda

The Security Forum will take place in Hagenberg im Mühlkreis at Hagenberg Campus of Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. Parking is available for participants without charge (see section Parking further down).

The Security Forum addresses current issues in the area of IT security. The talks will be held by people who have distinguished themselves with particular knowledge in their area of expertise.

The Security Forum is hosted by the Hagenberger Kreis, the society for the promotian of digital security. Renowned representatives of business and education have announced themselves as lecturers.

The Hagenberger Kreis tries to increase security awareness in business through this event. Administrators as well as managers of small and medium-sized businesses should become aware of the everyday dangers in an IT environment and learn how to eliminate and avert these dangers.

The Security Forum is aimed at IT-directors, IT-security officers as well as mangagers of small and medium-sized businesses. The talks are comprehensible for computer-laymen. There are two tracks of lectures, one focusing on technical aspects, the other addressing management issues.

The host provides a buffet at midday and in the late afternoon on the first day of the Security Forum and a buffet at midday of the second day. At the evening of the first day, the organizer hosts a reception. There are a few restaurants in the vicinity of the place of the event.

Participants may park their vehicles without charge in the underground parking lot of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences, Campus Hagenberg. There are additional parking spaces across Hagenberg. Further information in this document: Parking


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