In view of the upcoming Security Forum 2024 we are looking for interesting topics related to ICT security. The talks will be held on both days. We are looking for contributions on the following topics (including, but not limited to).

Technical/scientific sector

  • Internet of Things
  • Network security, intrusion detection and prevention, anomaly detection
  • Cybercrime and information warfare
  • Malware analysis and detection
  • Penetration testing, vulnerability analysis
  • Cloud computing and SOA security
  • Forensics and diagnostics
  • Hardware security

Management/legal sector

  • Information security management
  • Secure software development lifecycle
  • Business continuity and risk management
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Security awareness and social engineering
  • Rights management and copyright, data protection and privacy
  • Corporate and industrial espionage
  • Certification
  • Industry 4.0

Naturally, we are glad to accommodate ideas and topics not listed here. The issues listed
above are intended to provide an insight into the favored subject area of the Security

Notes on submission

The Hagenberger Kreis invites you to participate in the Security Forum with a technical, scientific, legal or management-oriented lecture.

Please consider the following guidelines:
Every lecture is allotted 50 minutes including possible questions from the auditorium. In
addition, we require:

  • Contact information (email, telephone, address)
  • Short introduction of the person (with a photograph)
  • Short summary of the topic (about 250 words in the same language as the talk)

Please note that if we accept your submission, these information about you and your talk will be published on our homepage and in the attendees’ brochures at the conference. We ask you to inform us in case you don’t agree to this.
Please email the required documents to:
The entry deadline is Jan 19, 2024.

We are glad to answer further questions at this email address. Due to the limited number of slots for lectures, a number of submissions will be selected by a committee. The host reserves the right to reject submissions without giving any reason.

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