Stephan Neuhaus am Security Forum 2015

Stephan Neuhaus hat seinen Vortrag mit dem Thema Geeks are different auf dem Security Forum 2015 bestätigt. Lesen Sie das Abstract zu seinem Vortrag hier:

„Think different“ is the well-known slogan for a computer manufacturer, and geeks certainly think differently from ordinary people. However, this becomes an issue when we expect geeks to write security software that will be used mainly by non-geeks. Since users do not make security decisions in the same way that geeks do, we end up with the security unusability mess with which we are all familiar. From incomprehensible certificate warning dialogues to mental models of user behaviour that are just wrong, this talk explores some of the psychological causes and effects of geek difference and is also a shameless plug for Peter Gutmann’s upcoming book, „Engineering Security“.