Peter Kieseberg am Security Forum 2016

Der nächste Vortragende, den wir vorstellen wollen ist Peter Kieseberg. Der Titel seines Vortrags lautet Directions in Database Forensics. Die Vortragssprache wird Englisch sein. Dementsprechend finden Sie hier das englische Abstract:

Nowadays, most sensitive information is stored in some kind of database, still, database forensics has been rather neglected throughout the last years. In this talk we provide an overview on recent results concerning database forensics, especially considering new approaches and techniques. While most approaches will be presented on an abstract level in order to carve out the fundamental principles, we will use MySQL together with the InnoDB storage engine for illustration. The topics covered in this talk mainly focus on the utilization of internal database mechanism in order to mitigate attacks carried out by users possessing administrator privileges on the respective database.