Keynote Tag 2 – Security Forum

Secure to know


Information security is often seen as difficult and complex, and many believe it does not concern them. In this fun and energetic talk, Marcus explains why information security is essential for everyone and how we should look at it both as professionals and ordinary users. He also gives concrete advice on highly effective ways to increase individual and business security. A very inspiring lecture that boosts security interest and helps the audience become more secure, for real!

During this keynote, you will learn:

* How your users can better understand security
* Key concepts on what the core knowledge in information security is for everyone
* Ways to change how you communicate information security to your employees
* Insights into why information security is really, really hard.


Marcus Nohlberg is a leading researcher in information security with along-standing background as a consultant and entrepreneur in projectmanagement, concept development, and web development. Marcus has aninterest in management issues, and he graduated with Sweden’s first MBA in electronic business. With a deep commitment to security, he chose to pursue a Ph.D. in information security with a focus on the manipulation of humans.

Marcus‘ Ph.D. thesis in Social Engineering was the first comprehensive academic study of the field and has received considerable attention. After receiving his Ph.D. from Stockholm University, Marcus has successfully continued research in information security in both industry and the public sector and has been active in the start-up scene. In addition, Marcus is a Visiting Professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria and was appointed Associate Professor at the University of Skövde in 2021. Marcus frequently appears in various media.

Marcus is a highly regarded and widely sought-after lecturer nationally and internationally who can explain complex concepts to abroad audience engagingly and simply.