Security Forum 2015 – Acknowledgements

We look back at a successful Security Forum 2015.

With this in mind we would like to thank all our guests for their participation and their positive feedback.

Further we thank our speakers

  • Werner Preining
  • Thomas Brandstetter
  • Wolfgang Schnabl
  • Christoph Dulghier
  • Christian Kurz
  • Thomas Hackner
  • Werner Fischer
  • Jörn Maier
  • Christopher Dreher
  • Albert Zenkoff
  • Tobias Braun
  • Lukas Feiler
  • Stephan Neuhaus
  • Edward Humphreys
  • Tobias Zillner
  • Edgar Weippl

and particularly our keynote speakers

  • Antonio Forzieri
  • David Willson

for their fascinating, informative and thoughtful talks.

Without our sponsors and partners organizing an event with this qualitiy would not be possible.

For their support we also say a big thank you.Furthermore, we would like to thank our moderators for carrying out the moderation on the presentation days: Thomas Langthaler (Comma Soft AG), Bernhard Heinzle (Devoteam Austria), Martina Krucher (T-Systems Austria GesmbH), Evelyn Ledermüller (Comma Soft AG) und Eva Freihofner (bet-at-home).

Our thanks also go to the FH Oberösterreich for the rooms and technical support.

Finally, we want to thank the whole organitation team and all hardworking helpers who ensured the success of our event.