Backup worst practices – How you lose your data for sure


Backups are considered as the last line of defense after a security incident happened. Too bad, if the backup cannot be used for restore or there are not even backups. Learn how to avoid common mistakes in the field of data protection and recovery.

This presentation uses real customer scenarios that the presenter has seen over the last 10 years working for a backup software vendor. This does not only cover classic backup challenges, but also how security teams interact with backup teams (or not). If CISOs say “we have a cyber insurance, we don’t need backup” then it’s probably time to think that trough a bit more in depth. Same as statements “our data is in the cloud, we don’t need backup” are hardly ever a good approach for the next (cyber) incident.


Hannes Kasparick has been working in the IT business since 2004. He managed Windows, Linux, storage systems, firewalls and did consulting for data center solutions. Today Hannes is a member of the Veeam product management team. He started his career in Hagenberg with „Secure Information Systems“