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Analysing the Quantum Threat - a perspective from the industry


The risk behind complex and novel technologies is inherently difficult to analyze. Fundamental concepts of the technology have to be understood, broken down and assessed according to one’s own threat landscape. In this talk, we will look at the premises of the Quantum Threat, its inflation and subsequent operational relevance. The 2 main scenarios are instanced by mapping them to the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix, looking at possible attack paths and using aqualitayive risk rating methodology.


Natalie Kilber

Natalie Kilber is a quantum physicist, technology strategist and entrepreneur that has long ventured into the cyber realm. Initially securing Quantum Computers and assessing their initial threat to infrastructure, her goal now is to safeguard the backbone of humanity: electricity – as the ICS Cybersecurity Portfolio Manager of Siemens Energy. Her research experience spans from experimental physics, optimization methods for computer science to genetics in wet labs. She has worked in the cloud, venture capital industry, as well as in automotive basis software development, technology strategy, ICS and cyber security consulting. If you can’t find her doing science or ingesting the newest ICS Threat intel, you will, on an electric skateboard, diving or anything that involves a little adrenaline. All activities are powered by Mate, fruits and sweets.